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Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle


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Reminds me of the NES era! A collection of Kunio-kun series + α!

A special package containing 18 nostalgic works (including overseas editions). Each game is also equipped with a quality-up version that reduces flickering and processing failures compared to the original version. You can now purchase each item individually. On this site, we will only introduce 7 games that allow 4-player offline multiplayer out of 18 games.

Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club (Super Dodge Ball)

The originator of the Kunio-kun sports series. Even if you are hit in the infield, you will not move to the outfield and your physical strength will decrease. When his physical strength reaches zero, he becomes an angel and ascends. You win when all the opposing team ascends. Fight by making full use of unique “special shot”, “dash”, “jump”, “pass”, “catch”, etc. I enjoy traveling around the world.
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Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day!

Fight in four types of competitions set in the town.

  • XCOUNTRYLeaving school, breaking into houses, going through sewers, and racing while punching each other
  • OBSTACLECompete for the total time by visiting multiple rooms with fixed screens without scrolling
  • BALLBREAKClimb two long sticks while hitting each other, breaking the ball at the top
  • M.A.TOURNAMENTFight with special moves. If you run out of physical strength or out of the ring, you lose

The final “M.A.TOURNAMENT” was so popular that an evolved “March Brawl” series was released.

Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness

A hockey game full of violence, familiar to this series. You can hit with a stick. Impression that it is a little speedier than other series. In addition, there is an element called “anger” “exit” , which is rare for violence to be negative.

Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal (Crash’n the Boys Street Challenge)

Sequel to Crash’n the Boys Street Challenge. Compete in five new competitions.

  • 400meter hurdlesDestroy hurdles instead of jumping them
  • Hammer ThrowAim for the cup with fewer throws in the hammer throw.
  • Swimmingfighting underwater. It has the concept of air and weakens when drowned
  • Roof Top JumpingCrossing between buildings with a pole vault, long jump, and unicycle
  • Fighting SceneFight with judo and professional wrestling techniques. When the power parameter runs out, you can perform a big move

You can also purchase items in the shop between competitions to gain an edge in the match.
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Nekketsu Fighting Legend

A rare 2v2 tag battle in which the main character creates a substitute for himself instead of Kunio. There is also a battle royale mode. Start by choosing from four types: martial arts type, martial arts type, kung fu type, and judoka type. Items that appear when you defeat an enemy will give you an advantage in subsequent battles.

Kunio-kun’s Nekketsu Soccer League

This collection includes two soccer games. This is the only one you can play with 4 people, and it’s a sequel to “Soccer”. Elements such as “strategy” and “mood” have been added, and the stages are also rich in individuality. It’s full of violence like this series, and you fight with various deadly shots as weapons.

Nekketsu! Street Basketball All-Out Dunk Heroes

The end of the NES Kunio-kun series. Set in eight cities in the United States (each with a different gimmick), we will have a 2on2 basketball confrontation with weapons and violence. There are three goals vertically, and the highest goal is the highest score. Goals can break and fall.

Other Recorded Games

I won’t introduce it here, but most of them can be played by up to 2 people at the same time, so you can have fun with that too!

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Dad’s soliloquy
Since the overseas versions of the recorded works overlap, there are no counts, and if you count Double Dragon, there are a total of 14 types! It's a good volume. Unlike other PS4 series, this work is the pixel art world at that time. Also included is the first generation (before deformation) who was frightened by the round-trip slap of "Misuzu"!