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Just Dance 2023 Edition


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Feeling of going out
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1~6 players
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Ubisoft Entertainment

Have fun dancing to the music! 2023 version!

More than 40 songs!

Check out the official Youtube video here increase.

BTS’s “Dynamite”, Dua Lipa’s “Physical”, and Doja Cat’s “Woman” are full of hits, but even if you don’t know them, they’re all great songs!
if you register for the paid subscription service “Just Dance+”, you can enjoy more than 700 dances, including songs from past works! (After purchasing the game, 1 month for regular version, 4 months for deluxe edition, 13 months for ultimate edition free)
You can download the

dedicated app to your smartphone and play without a microphone!

There is also a trial version

Oh my God! Two songs, “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max and “Dynamite” by BTS, are available to play for free!
From this version, it is only for PS5 version. Also, although it may not be relevant to us offline players, online battles with friends have been implemented.
For those who are new to dance, getting started can be a little embarrassing. Let’s dance by complimenting each other by saying, “I’m not good at it!”

*A newer version has been released.

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Price: $59.99
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price: $69.99
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