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Carnival Games


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2018/11/6
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position

Party with 20 mini-games, like amusement park attractions!

There are plenty of games like open-air festivals and amusement parks! ac

20 mini games to play

●Jungle Lane … A zone like a dense forest
  • Crown AroundIt’s shooting. The target moves left and right
  • Cluster CupsThrow balls into a row of cups (color changes as they enter) to fill more
  • SwishScore consecutive shots into a moving basket
  • Batter UpHit a flying ball with a bat like a batting center
  • Banana BounceCollect bananas in high places while jumping in spring shoes
● Saturn Station … A space-themed zone
  • Cosmic StrikeBowling
  • Shooting StarCrush spinning balloons with popping darts aimed at the target
  • Super NovaCollect stars while moving freely in the split screen
  • Meteor StormLaunch the ball into various scored parcels
  • LightspeedDrone through space tunnels in 3D
● Vulture Gulch … Zone like a western play
  • High NoonDestroy a variety of targets with a bullet that pops out at your sights
  • Fire FlingerThrow a heated horse shoe to ignite dynamite
  • PostmasterQuoit in splitscreen
  • Road HogMario Kart style racing in 3D
  • Roll Earl DerbyRoll the ball through multiple holes to advance the horse across the screen
Nut and bolt … mechanical zone
  • Gear catcherCatch the gear that is flowing on the belt conveyor (6 lanes)
  • Ghost BlasterShoot and kill ghosts in auto-scrolling 3D scenes
  • Short StackPile cakes on a plate and compete for the number of cakes to reach the goal
  • Puck chuckerShoot the puck into the goal, avoiding the goalie (keeper), like in ice hockey
  • Battle BalloonsSwitch one of the floating balloons to destroy the opponent’s balloon
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