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Tetris Effect: Connected


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Feeling of going out
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Number of players
1~4 players
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Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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The world's most famous game "Tetris" has been upgraded to the limit with gorgeous production! !

Personally, this work is a god game as a puzzle game.
“Tetris” is a puzzle game that everyone knows, where you effectively arrange the “Tetriminos” that fall from above and erase the rows.

The basic game rules are almost the same as the original Tetris.
However, the “seasoning” is amazing, and you will be absorbed in the game more and more with the production of light and sound.
Above all, the sound of “dong” when Tetrimino lands perfectly matches the rhythm of the BGM, which is quite pleasant! how are you programming? And it’s going to be a strange feeling.

Multiplayer elements added in August 2021.
Only one mode can be played by 4 people, so it’s a modest recommendation for this site, but…
There are many multiplayer games that can be played with 2 to 3 people, which can be quite exciting.
You can enjoy it even if you watch solo play with everyone.

Even if you purchase an unmarked one that does not have “connected” in the title, you can make it “connected” with a free update.

It also supports VR, so if you have a PSVR, please enjoy this exciting world in a virtual space!

How to Play Offline Multiplayer

From the title screen, you can play offline by proceeding as follows.

  1. multi player
  2. play
  3. local match

There is only one mode for 4 players, but…
It is a game that anyone can play with simple rules. Let’s have a blast!

Connected battle 4 people

Collaborate with a team of three to help one monster!

Connected 3 people

Cooperate in a team of three to face the monsters!

ZONE battle 2 people

Standard one-on-one battle mode. Let’s fight using ZONE!

Score attack 2 people

1v1 high score mode

Classic Score Attack 2 people

A one-on-one mode where you compete for high scores with classic rules.

Free with PS Plus Extra
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