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Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players1~4 players
Trial version-
Release date2016/8/2
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
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Cooking with everyone! 4 players can play with 2 controllers!

A slapstick cooking action with everyone!

According to the order displayed one after another at the top of the screen,

  1. Retrieve materials
  2. Cut (only what you need)
  3. Bake (only what you need)
  4. Serve on plate
  5. Serving Customers
  6. Wash returned dishes

is a repetition of

The first in a very popular series!

It takes a lot of team strength

For each stage, you will receive a three-level evaluation according to the amount of food served. You can clear the stage if you do it arbitrarily, but as you progress, a condition like “You need ○○ ★ to enter the next stage” occurs. You’ll have to go back to the previous stage and try again to earn ★★★, but you’ll need a lot of teamwork here. Role sharing and efficient movement are required. At my house, Mom’s partitioning skills were demonstrated and by repeating it several times, most of the stages became ★★★. It’s just the right degree of difficulty that I can barely clear at home.

  • The ingredients are tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!
  • Hi!
  • Not enough meat to bake! Get me some meat!
  • Hi!
  • The person in charge of cutting does nothing but cutting! concentration!
  • Hi! Yes!

Replay elements too!

If you achieve the above-mentioned collection of ★ to a certain extent, you will be able to use more characters. There is no difference in performance depending on the character, but you can change your mood.

2 vs 2 showdown mode is also fun!

It’s also fun to split into two teams and compete on the amount of food they’ve cooked within a time limit. Some stages can be directly disturbed, but Boya has started to enjoy disturbing us…

  • Hey, Boya is so persistent that I can’t carry the ingredients at all!
  • Uhihihi~ Dokabakaki~
  • Mom can’t bring me the ingredients, so I have nothing to do…
  • Uhihihihihi~Dont
  • Now…
  • Stop this stage…
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