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Move or Die


Public review
Feeling of going out
Art point
Number of players
1~4 players
Trial version
Release date
Compatible models
    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
Play style
Screen style
Camera position
Official Site
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Reverb Publishing

If you stop, you die! A party game with a cute 1.5-head character!

You can play in various game modes based on the basic rule that the gauge will decrease when you stop, and you will die when it reaches zero.
There are 35 game modes that I could confirm! It seems that more and more are being added with regular updates.

  • BOMB TAG … Slap the only bomb belt in play
  • COLOR CRAZE … The floor you touch becomes your color, so compete for the area
  • FALLING BLOCKS … Avoid large and small blocks that fall one after another
  • FIZZLE FLOOR … Watch out for randomly disappearing footholds
  • HAT CHASE … Compete for how long you can hold the only hat in play
  • SPEED RUN … Be the first to reach the goal in horizontal scrolling
  • STATIC BOUNCE … Don’t touch the energy bullets created when characters collide
  • BUILDING BLOCKS … Unconfirmed
  • DETONATION ZONE … Keeps you out of bomb explosions
  • SUGAR RUSH … Don’t miss the candy that comes out at a certain time
  • VERTIGO … The entire scaffold automatically sinks, so climb up
  • CROWD STAMP … Unconfirmed
  • GOD GUN … Ride a laser launcher in the sky and fire a laser
  • RADIATION … Unconfirmed
  • TETROMINOS … Unconfirmed
  • SHIFTY GROUND … Floor block types change over time
  • JUMP SHOT … Shoot each other while spinning
  • SOULS … collects souls floating around the body
  • CLEANUP CREW … Clean up background dirt
  • ROCKET RUN … Dodge incoming rocket explosions
  • GHOST SCARE … Compete in Invisibility
  • BOSS FIGHT … Defeat a boss with a health bar
  • BOOMERANGS … Hit an opponent with a boomerang orbiting around their body
  • PAPER PLANES … Unconfirmed
  • SUPER HOT … Dodge multiple bombs
  • SPIKE BALL … Avoid the only spiked ball in play
  • HOOPS … Unconfirmed
  • HEAVY BULLETS … Fire and fight missiles
  • SPIDER BOMB … Unconfirmed
  • LOOT CRAB … Unconfirmed
  • OUTBREAK … Unconfirmed
  • MIND CONTROL … Unconfirmed
  • CHAINSAW BACKSTAB … Attack from behind to keep chainsaws from hitting each other
  • SHURIKEN PARTY … Unconfirmed
  • EXPLOSIVE BARRELS … Unconfirmed
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