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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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25 kinds of party games with cute characters on the stage of the southern island!

There are 25 types of offline multi!

Party Mode: Collect Coins and Gems

  • Avalanche Of AgonyA long, narrow stage, avoid hitting rocks
  • Crystal CaveCollect tons of coins and gems from a top-down view
  • Stonework SquareDigging stone while avoiding falling rocks from above
  • Mines of MayhemSince the screen is viewed from the side, dig all the way down
  • Twin TempleCompete for the time to keep the statue from a top-down view
  • Icy IslesA top-down view, avoiding falling from smaller islands
  • Devils DropFrom a top-down view, choose one of the two scaffolds as it falls
  • Flower FallsA top-down view, avoiding falling from buoyant platforms
  • Crushing ChasmA huge plate of partially perforated stone falls and you enter the gap
  • Mount MagmaClimb upward without touching the lava from a side view
  • Brimstone BasinLook down and avoid fire on a round stage
  • Rocky RoadIn 3D, keep running forward to avoid being crushed by rocks

Arena Mode: Attack enemies while collecting items!

  • Drifting DojoFighting in fairly tight footing
  • Pit Of PunishmentA circular stage surrounded on all four sides. Beware of Fire
  • Boulder BowlBomberman-like stage to clear a path while breaking stones
  • Cloud CourtA near-circle above the clouds, dropping enemies on all sides. The ground can be destroyed
  • Canyon ColiseumSplit left and right, requiring ranged attacks
  • Arctic AmphitheaterBreak your way through the ice in a Bomberman-like stage
  • Fatal FinishThere is a fire-breathing bronze statue in the center and a blazing flame in the background
  • Bushy BridgeAcross the central river, fight on the left and right bush areas on the bridge
  • Steaming Stadiumstage with lava ponds and volcanoes
  • Burning Boxing RingBurning Boxing Ring
  • Lava LabyrinthA maze-like platform. Be careful not to fall into the lava
  • Paradise Platform Surrounded by walls on the left and right, enemies can be dropped vertically. The ground can be destroyed
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