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Feeling of going out
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1~4 players
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    PS4 PS5(compatibility)
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University of Southern California

FPS perspective Japanese-style chanbara in a two-tone world that has won numerous game awards!

Hot stealth slashing battle

Control a samurai and slash each other from a 3D perspective.
You can check it with a projectile, or close the gap at once and slash it.
It is a battle rule that selects multiple stages and reduces life in each stage.

The nine Japanese-style stages are all artistic visuals in two-tone colors.
You blend your color into it, and act so that the enemy doesn’t know where you are.

I think it’s an irresistible game for Japanese people that combines samurai elements and ninja elements!

Overflowing Heart of Harmony

It won a number of game awards in 2015-2016, and the screen is just beautiful…
The mini-replay after the match is over is also stylish.
The dancing snow on the title screen and the dancing flower petals when you die are irresistible…

Enjoy Wai Wai Hide and Seek Battle with your family and friends while feeling the heart of the Japanese people!
The list price is $6.99, which is super cheap!

A similar game is Black & White Bushido. I have the following in common.

  • Japanese-style game made by a foreigner
  • Chanbara
  • Make your character blend in with a two-tone background

This “Chambara” is from a first-person perspective, so it’s very realistic, and immersed in the world of art!

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